Tracking BitCoin price

The up’s and downs of BitCoin

The last lot of BitCoin I got was in the beginning of July and since getting is the price dropped to about half of what it was when I originally bought some BitCoin. It went to about €55 per BitCoin around about the middle of July. I wanted to get some more at that stage, but as I was due to take a trip at the end of the month and I needed to make sure that I had cash on hand I was unable to take advantage of the price drop. Since then the price of the BitCoin has gone back up again and is now at the stage where I could sell what I have and make some money on it.

Keeping an eye on the price of BitCoin

I did see in one of the applications that I was using that it is possible to set it so that it will tell you when the price drops to a certain point or when it goes up to a certain level. This would be most useful if you’re the sort of person that wants to do trading of the crypto currency. So I could set it so that when it goes down to a certain price I could then go off to one of the exchanges and purchase more. The very old strategy of buy low and sell high is obviously the one that is going to work.


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